Shouldn`t we need some measurement units?

Tekmastr, RPMs is not velocity. RPM is the rotation speed of an object. Velocity is another thing.

And algae, that could be a good idea too, but at high rotation speed it couldn't be possible to measure it manually.
If someone could be able to put RPMs in a mod, i 100% agree with RPMs.

The problem is in fact measuring. If we don't measure them, it's nonsense using measurements units.


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Or just make the mod check angular velocity...?
RPM doesn't really help, unless you want to check the RPM of a certain rotating block. I'm just suggesting a utility to display your vehicle's velocity, showing the dominant speed of all 3 axises, or just show the velocity of the core block or something.
Everyone can take advantages from knowing everything he need.

You need only speed.
I work with cogs, i need RPMs, Speed, and a Timer.
Someone who pilots aircraft need RPMs, Speed, Timer, Position, Orientation, Height, etc.
Challenge could use them all. "Challenge about the fastest car" "Challenge about the fastest rotating heavy block" "Challenge about maximum survival time with hordes of soldiers" "Longest shot with a ballista" etc.

TekmastR, don't think only to your needs.
ITR Of course that would be useful, for a selected block. (For "selected block" i mean the ability to focus in a single block and see the information about it in the mod)


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Didn't I add some obscure method to do that in the meter-mod? Though I guess it's not up to date.
I know some people on the Chinese were working on an updated version of it, but it's been a while since I heard about them.
Er.. I pilot and make aircraft (like the ADFX-01 morgan), as well as on-the-point accuracy mechanisms. I guess RPM comes in handy sometimes, but for aircraft it would be best to know torque and force created by the propellers, but that would be hard to define given Besiege's unstable physics. Altitude measurement would help as well.