Short wooden pole bug?

Hi there,
I'm making a skin pack, complete with new models and I've run into this problem: when one places a wooden pole into a small gap, it creates a 1 unit long pole which is otherwise inaccessible. The standard 2 units long pole is rendered in my custom skin but the short one is in the default skin. In the Template skin, there's a folder named "WoodenPole" with "woodenpole.obj" and "woodenpoletex_png.png" and a subfolder "Short" which contains the short version "woodenpoleshort.obj". I have replaced all these files with my models and texture in my skin, yet the short pole isn't working. I see the same behavior in other peoples' skin packs too, so I'm assuming this is a game bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Here's what it looks like:

Here's the skin in the Workshop but as I said, it behaves the same with other skins too.

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Yes, if you read my comment, you'll see I know about it and that it's exactly where I saved my .obj file. Despite that, it doesn't work.


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I'm facing this problem to,I have tried moving it, renaming it and such but cannot get it to work!
Interestingly i moved woodenpoleshort.obj into the parent folder and it appears as the long!?

We need a fix!