"Short Activation" option for crossbow/pistons.

An activation method similar to "One Shot" from LittleBigPlanet. Where you activate the option and an extra slider will pop up in the keymapper menu asking how long you want each activation to be. That way if I click and hold a piston no matter how long it will always activate for 0.2s if I set it to that number.

The reason I thought of this was because I wanted to make a jumping mechanism where I tap Right-Alt onece and the pistons will push me into the air (retracting automatically after 0.2s) and a weak flying block will hold the descent (also on Right-Alt but for 1.5s instead) only from me tapping one button.

Currently to do this it would take 2 buttons, hitting them both at the same time and letting go of the second 0.2s after and holding the other key for 1.5s. I want a consistently perfect jump every time it would really be convenient as an extra option. For crossbows you could set it to 0.25s or something and every press of the button will only get you 'one shot'.

Not sure why I made this thread so long...