Share your first successful machine!

I was also interested in seeing some of people's really early, basic creations, so I think I'll enjoy your video. Also, I think you'll like my addition to this topic. :)
this is the core of my first shared creation. a bombrestant chamber..
my plan was making a giant cannon using bombs as gunpowder :)
ended up beeing a bomb resistant building.. not a single block gets blown off and its NOT invinsible mode
can be found here also the castle version.
recommend under 10% or it eats ur processor
my first project with springs and now i cant build without.
the core with wooden frame fits in box btw
you can place it with a peasant right infront of the "port/bridge/door dont know the word for it " and blast all 5 bombs. he wont die or run..unless u lower the bridge thing in his head.
put 2 blocks in center and raise bomb. then cannons fires from heat.
cant be smaller

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Brooka said:
My very first successful creation is also my most popular its my compact reloading catapult, obviously it has changed a lot since then, this is the earliest picture I could find of it. Its 154 days old now

My memory is a little fuzzy, but that might be the first reloadable catapult I saw when I started Besiege.
MaxTCC said:

"But Max, there's nothing in there!"



This is for the first successful machine. Did you use the pyro glitch to beat zones with one block? (The glitch doesn't work anymore.)