Share your first successful machine!

Hey Besiegers!
I would like to know where the fun with Besiege started for you all:
  • What task did you tackle first after completing all the levels?
  • What were you inspired by while building your first successful machine?
When sharing, please do not post more than a single image outside of spoilers, to keep the thread clean.
Feel free to include the .bsg files of your builds or post links to the steam workshop!
[HR][/HR] Here's my first ever creation that took off the ground:

It is the same Osprey from my profile picture. Its rotors were inspired by the Flying Aircraft Carrier by Zynek (YT link) and the cockpit + control layout by Praesumo's Apache (Old Forum thread link).
It does not fit in the box, it's pretty slow, it looks like a flying chunk of wood, but man, the satisfaction I felt when it took up into the sky...

Download link + controls:
Link to Steam Workshop

Up, Down - Increase/decrease lift

Left, Right - Roll left and right

J K L - I & K for tilting forwards and backwards, J & K for turning

O, U - Tilting the rotors

G - Landing Gear

C - Nose cannon
The Osprey. I remember it well ...was when I was into flying machines also. I beat levels with dumb simple machines that I didnt really care about and deleted after. Not positive but I think the Kamov KA-50 Hokum was my first machine that I even uploaded.

Worked decently but it would look a lot different if I were to rebuild it from scratch now. Beating the levels was easy. My inspiration came when I started building big mechs. Roughshod clumsy as it is was...was my second and probably my favorite of my first machines though. Something about awkwardly stumbling over to a Tolbrynd building...having to reset the sim several times due to glitch physics or losing balance and falling over ....only to totally decimate it with the spike-ball flails , grab it and head-butt it into rubble or just tear it apart with the grabber arms satisfying. I still plan on updating it with the knowledge I have gained building other stuff.

Even my time building helis paid off....I just uploaded my Kestrel mech...the second version actually flies using a detachable dual tilt-rotor airframe.

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Boy oh boy did I have fun with this machine...
It's what inspired me to work on quads and other blade powered flying machines, even though it isn't one itself XD Basically it would launch the 'drone' into stuff and explodes... basic concept, really fun!

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I like your machine. Its simple but effective at destroying things. and neither of the machines i posted was anywhere close to my first machine lol. I believe my first machine was a crappy cart thing with steering hinges to turn that broke off all the time. It had a terrible catapult on the back that usually flipped the whole machine over on its face and only threw the bomb far enough to keep it from blowing itself up. I crammed saws and cannons on every square inch of it , deleted the catapult and covered the top in armor for zone 5. Then I think I deleted the whole thing and started another with tank steering after that cause it kept falling apart. The two I posted were just the first that I consider successful at accomplishing what my goal was while building them.
The T-90 looks so realistic o: I have trouble running it though, without invincibility the rear gear seems to be screwing up the hull, and with invincibility the entire machine seems to be awkwardly... anchored to its position... I have no idea what's going on >_>
I know thats the biggest issue with building such vehicles its impossible without invincibility so i recomend it! And i wrote down in the comments there at the T-90 post what you have to do if its stuck so u just have to remove the 2 wooden poles at the front at the right and left of the tracks.. the controls are there in the describsion too... pls tell me if it helped?