SFP-11 --- Supersonic Aircraft


Search For Performance project #11.

Low block count (106)
Fast (1000 m/s ~= 3 mach)
Stable (not very maneuverable)
Retractable landing gears
Air brakes
(they are ugly)

  • Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
  • L-Ctrl --- engine (toggle)
  • C, V --- landing gears
  • Z, X --- speed control

land this plane gently with the engine off (L-Ctrl)

it is maneuverable only when the ugly air brakes are applied (X)

the speed is read by the velocity count mod

the machine explodes when its speed exceeds 1100 m/s

thank you @Shade for creating the Pine and Mahogany skin. It looks good with id 52 props' default color.

landing gears won't easily break when landing
take off shorter

predecessor: SFP-3
Story of The Search For Performance project
I was amazed when I search the besiege tieba (Chinese forum). They are building planes that can reach extreme high speed. Some even reached 9 mach I think.

So I started the Search For Performance project.

The first working plane is the SFP-3, with only 86 blocks and super maneuverability. It's slow but I'm satisfied.
Then it's the SFP-V9, V for Vanilla. It has compact variable-pitch rotors, reliable engine-torque roll control that never go crazy at high speed. The SFP-V9 suffers some game bug issues. Mysterious torques kicks in as speed increases. Yet was my best plane at that moment.

The third SFP plane is the SFP-V11. I started with a steam powered thrust vectoring system. The system is very heavy, I had to build a long air frame and put the wings far behind. The SFP-V11 ended up resembling a SR-71. It never lose control even when stalling, very fun to fly.

About a week ago, @grigri commented on my SFP-V9 video, says his vanilla plane is faster. This urged me to get a mod to find out SFP-V9's top speed, It is 550 m/s, and it explodes at 600 m/s. Is it faster than yours?

Motivated by the result. I upgrade the SFP-3 into this crazy little plane. I think I won't make a faster plane because it's pointless. Planes always explodes at high speed. And being fast won't make me reach the moon or travel through time in Besiege.


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