Set for tank [Spaar`s Modloader Beta][TGYD`s Block Loader] [ID: 274-276]

I represent to your attention the set to create a tank platform! Yes, for tank!

Set includes:
1. Track
2. Roller
3. Motor Roller

How to install: install Spaar's Mod Loader, install TGYD BlockLoader, extract into your mods folder and merge the Blocks folder.

Download by the link: Set for Tank

All that is presented here, maybe a little lag!

@wang_w571 special thanks for their help in writing the code!

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This sounds stupid, but how do you even get the tracks like that? i can only connect the tracks one way, maybe a tutorial would be nice.
They are made on the same principle as standard! On YouTube there are many video tutorial how to make tank tracks.
Here, for example:


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Which question? The last PM from you I got was "Ok, I'l ask him".

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This is a very great mod, but whenever I build a set of tracks, they get really glitchy. If I am going forward and I stop, sometimes my machine just explodes and sometimes its fine. also, sometimes the track links just glitch straight through the powered roller and render the tracks useless.
I'm not sure if its just the mod itself or if I am doing something wrong.
I have the phantom aerospace mod installed which slightly modifies besieges physics and I am wondering if that is the problem
In any case, I have no idea what to do so can ​someone please shed some light on the subject?