Semi-Auto launcher


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Hello again!
(forget the again if you haven't seen my first post)

Here I will show a powerful (enough) launcher with a fully automatic reload!
(does NOT shoot automatically yet, otherwise the name would be something like "bratatatatatatatata")

Sorry for not posting videos by the way, I will probably soon but right now I can't for boring reasons. So you will have to see test on your own :/

Anyway the controls are pretty simple:
Arrow keys to move.
Right shift to raise nose.
Right Crtl (control) lower nose.
(these two are to be held)

And of course, the best at the end:
L (hold then release) to fire and reload.

the ONLY issue is a loss of accuracy but I already found a way to fix that but I usually keep the best models for me so that if an online mode appears (I don't think so, a single bot can already melt a pc)
I'll have the best builds for meh.

*cough cough* Sorry here are the pictures as well as the download link.

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