Self Destruct Mod [Spaar`s Modloader] [TGYD BlockLoader] [ID:118]

Well, now i finally feel like I created something nice! XD

This is very simple, and to be honest I don't know what you would use this for, but i feel like it's actually a kinda cool thing. XD

So, you attach this block to the top of the starting block (wherever you want, really, but that's the ideal position) and press P (this key can be changed through the wrench menu).
When you press the desired key, the machine will be set on fire!

Installation Instructions:
-Install spaar's modloader;
-Install TGYD BlockLoader;
-Place the .zip into the Mods folder, right click, extract here.

-Currently not all burnable blocks are set on fire;

-Version 1.0: Initial release of the mod;
-Version 1.1: Now every wooden/burnable block is set on fire at the same time;

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