Scaling Physics/Tool

Scaling is one of the hardest things to do in Besiege, you have to go to your file, locate the block, then adjust the parameters. It would be so much easier if we could do that with a tool.

But then comes the problem of when you scale a block up, but the physics make it look wonky. Example: A wood block getting scaled up 3 times. It feels like it's hollowed out and it's very aesthetically displeasing to see those types of blocks act strangely.

A solution? Have every single block have a "Mass" parameter, so we can make our machines less aesthetically displeasing, and that would allow for some more experimentation as well.
It is not hard. No file editing required. Download the EasyScale mod off the Besiege Steam Workshop while you're in-game(just like subscribing to a machine) and give it a try. Download the NoBounds mod the same way for unlimited scaling.

The new update allows easy in-game mod-downloading, and they are also server-compatible, run without lag, etc etc.
Yeah, but wouldn't it be better if it was official?
They are working on EasyScale to be in the game, but they postponed it since basically someone did all the work for them. They can actually just put EasyScale into the game itself, but why bother when anyone can have it as optional?

Personally, I like building vanilla machines. I am more impressed with a vanilla walker then any modded mech that you can find in the shop.

Ok, all of that aside, pls bear with me here: EasyScale, or scaling blocks, can obviously not be used in the campaign levels. (For obvious reasons). So the tool wouldnt be allowed in campaign levels (Just like god tools). So the tool would only be fun to use in the Sandboxes or Multiplayer. But, you already can't get on a server that uses the mod unless you have the mod itself. See where i'm going with this?

As much as I would want this to be official, for now, its safe that its an optional mod.