Sailing competition!

Discussion in 'Besiege: War Machines' started by Ubus, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Ubus

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    on zone 35: The Frozen Path there are strong winds, and with the water-mod you should be able to sail there!
    I tried it with a simple raft, and it worked, so here my challenge:

    >build a ship with at least two sails,
    >no mod Blocks,
    >make it steerable,
    >post a video and a link to the creation!

    watermod config:
    >MassChange true
    >MassMultiplier: 2
    >DragMult: 0.2
    >WaterScale: 2000

    I will post a poll every month to determine the monthly winner!
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    ooh, this actually sounds kinda cool

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