Roller Coaster

Wow...dude. I think you have outdone yourself yet again. Might get some weird glitching physics when you use NPC's from their "gyro" effect.....knights anyways. Peasants would be funnier to see anyways if they do their "arms up running in terror animation.


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There's a mod for fixing that actually, though that wouldn't work without the mod :/
Thanks dude! I'm gonna run out of ways to outdo myself soon xD . I have already built a small gimballed carriage to house him but it threw the balance of the cart out. Fixable i'm sure. It would give the hapless chap fully 360 freedom of movement in all directions so would the gyro effect still kick in?

And why are peasants such pussies? if they showed some backbone they could easily overthrow their weak-assed suppressors!
I think the gimbals would cancel out most of it once its balanced? I can't really say cause i was mainly dabbling with them for walkers but I dont really like the method cause of space required and other factors. The peasants are starting to rise up i think. They have a militia apparently in the later levels of Tolbrynd so pretty soon they will be flying "Don't tread on me" flags ;)