Rocket Thrusters [Besiege v0.05] [MOVED TO MULTIMOD]

This is my first mod for Besiege (actually, my first game mod ever :p). Anyway, I once saw a BrahMos missile built in Besiege; it used flamethrowers for the aesthetics of having rocket thrusters. After realizing that Besiege is based on the Unity engine, I rushed to make rocket thrusters a real thing. So here's the outcome!

Download (Forum members only)
v0.04: Attachment
v0.05: Attachment

Installation (Copy-pasted from zodium's post)
Copy the downloaded Assembly-UnityScript.dll to your Steam\SteamApps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\Manage d folder. Be sure to make a backup of the original file!

Added support to v0.05
Increased maximum thrust to allow high-speed rocket launchers (as demonstrated)

Fixed bug where slider values would not load from saved machine

Added slider from 0 (no thrust) to 2
Enhanced stability of thrusters by disabling disjoint flamethrowers
Disabled flamethrower timeout (infinite flamethrower)


Well, so far I guess this is as full as the mod can be, but if you find bugs or glitches, please inform me.
I forgot if I started out on a clean copy of Assembly-UnityScript.dll or a (slightly) modified one, so if you find any garbage code, please inform me as well.

Special thanks go to ITR, zodium, and
Mtschroll for assisting me on some of the aspects of modding. I also had a look at their own mods to get a general idea of how the Unity engine functions.

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So, does it make flamethrowers have a thrust when activated or something like that?
Looks awesome!
Yeah, if the thrust slider is set to 0, they act as normal flamethrowers.
If greater, they apply a force (similar to that of a flying controller) opposite to the direction to which they're throwing flames.
Well yeah, too much inertia with too weak joints that break instantly at launch.
Any amount of thrust above 20 is just an overkill from my experience :p
Nvm, just looked at attachement Id and took the highest number. Seemed logical that the highest number is the newest attachment and it works.
So it's the upper one for whom wants to know