Rocket Car

The Rocket Car

>9 Rockets
>Up & Down Aiming
>Comfortable Cockpit
>Functioning Rear Steering
>Sometimes doesn't Explode!
First Person View: V
Fire Rockets: B
Forwards/Backwards: I + K
Steer Left/Right: J + L
Point Up/Down: U + O

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Brooka Yours is also vanilla, mine was made with mods!
Unfortunately I won't be able to try this out and see if I need to copyright strike you for copying my design just yet, maybe later today, likely tomorrow.
The original is flashier and looks more medieval (if you could even call this game that, is there such thing as medieval steam punk?*yes I know steam punk is Victorian*), but I still think Brooka 's design is more... warlike/tactical. Just a big, metal beast that turns up, massacres your troops, and rolls off laughing its ass off.
They do look pretty cool together, I've slightly updated my version to a 10 shot to stop the jamming and made it a lil smaller