[REQUEST]Continuous Placement Mod

I was using the No Intersection mod, and I wanted to create a massive Fireball explosion that was based on intersection.

So I wanted a mod that made it so you don't have to click, but just hold your mouse button and it will automatically place blocks nonstop.
So I could go to sleep and leave it placing fireballs for 9 freakin hours!

Oh, and I also want to see which modder makes it first. Probably TesseractCat ;-)


Staff member
I think most modders are asleep (or at least in bed :p)

You know, it probably would be easier to just copy paste the lines of the bsg files if you want them in each other that much

Not to mention that you computer probably will break from all the lag (If you don't place blocks inside each other, the game will lag almost linear with the amount of blocks you place, but if they're inside each other, the lag will probably be exponential)
I already placed like what I estimated bery roughly to be around 50 fireballs inside each other and no lag while building (60FPS) but when simulating I have to reduce the speed a little (10-13FPS at 100% speed).

Even if it lags so much that it crashes, I don't care (-:<


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Oh, yeah, the lag shouldn't be more while building, just while simulating.

I meant more like 1000+ blocks :p

But can't you just use a speed clicker?