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  1. Zuikaku

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    People are always asking for a replay function in Besiege before and after the Multiverse update dropped. However with the Multiplayer in place, I think it won't be a very hard function to implement.

    In order to sync all the players in a gaming session, the server is constantly sending information such as position of blocks and level objects to everyone that is connected through internet. I believe that if we use the same algorithm, but keep recording them and dump the information into a text file instead of sending them and throwing them away, we can store that information. And if we use another algorithm to read from this file and try to sync with an server that existed long ago, we can watch a replay. I believe the receiving algorithm is also ready to be used in this situation. These two algorithms can also be changed up a bit so that we can adjust the time scale of the replay.
  2. Shade

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    this is a great idea.
    but im not sure if adjusting the timescale is possible to get the same simulation result everytime


    I like the idea!

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