Remove Ice Barrier [Spaar`s Modloader]

This mod simply does what the title says, it removes the annoying freezing altitude, so now you can fly your machines up as high as you like!

Not much to say here, it's pretty much self-explanatory and doesn't require any images. :p

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Yeah, but what if you want, say, for example, fly a plane higher.
Or build a spaceship that has wooden parts?
Then the freezing altitude is a big barrier.
I agree - having an invisible barrier that only affects some components limits what you can do - and in a sandbox seems rather pointless anyway. And with Unity 5, larger flying machines are more practical, and often need more room to manoeuvre.

If someone could come up with a mod that increased the size of the sandbox, it would be really useful...
wang_w571 Which mod is that?

Bio-4 Yes - a sandbox that extends further horizontally - there isn't much room for large fast aircraft to manoeuvre, and once you go outside the sandbox (or lose sigt of it), there is nothing to orientate your aircraft to.