Reloadable maneuverable rubber bomb catapult.

Reloadable catapult is designed to destroy all enemies and objects in standard Besiege levels. High speed and maneuverability allows you to escape from under fire before the first enemy shot. The long range of fire allows you to fire from a considerable distance, without fear of return fire. The ammunition allows you to use several bombs for targeting.

-drive: cursor keys (up, down, left, right)
-aiming camera: Numlock 5
-azimutal aiming: Numlock 4, 6 (hold)
-horizontal aiming: Numlock 2, 8 (multiple short press)
-launch bomb: Numlock Enter
  1. Numlock Enter again (return holder to bomb loading position)
  2. R (hold until the bomb falls into the holder)

Disadvantages: bomb can fall out of the holder during rapid acceleration or braking. It is better to drive aggressive with an empty holder.

Downolad: catapult.rar


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