Regarding the new update (V0.42)

We got some new blocks in the latest update, so I checked the Template skin to see whether the new block were added. Here are my observations:

  • Crossbow - has its own folder and contains both model and texture that can be replaced with your own. Although it is not possible to change the arrow which would be nice.

  • Vacuum - the folder contains only a texture , however if you add an .obj model file, it works in the game just fine.

  • There's no folder for the new log block. However if you create a folder named "Log" and put a model and a texture in it, the game accepts it. This model is then used for the default 3 units long log. The shorter 2 unit log uses texture of the long log but it shows it on the default 3D model. I've tried adding a subfolder named "Short", "ShortLog" and several other variants (the wooden pole block uses subfolder "Short" to store the shorter pole) but none of them worked. So either it should be named differently or there's no support for it at the moment (there was a similar problem with short wooden pole before it got fixed).

  • There's a new folder named "ScalingBlock" which contains both model and texture and looks like this:

It's not accessible in the game normally but if you edit the .bsg file and change the id of some block to 12, this block appears and has these options:

I've no idea what it's for, maybe some testing purposes?


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This block is for people who before used the hinge for decorative purposes. The hinge is very resource demanding so the developers gave us this block that has similar looks, but no hinge functionality. It's meant for people who do a lot of scaling and because scaling is only done through mods the block is hidden by default. Easy Scale Mod enables it to appear in the block bar.
Thanks for the answer! And I see, the problem with log (and the missing vacuum .obj file) has been fixed in the recent 0.42b hotfix. Great!