Reciprocating steam cannon engine

An engine using a reciprocating steam/water cannon.


Fully automatic - though it runs in either direction at random. As for why it works, I think the key point is that the cannon takes time to heat up, causing a delay before it produces steam. I think I may be able to get it to work a little better by fine-tuning the position of the flaming ball, and by careful adjustment of the balence.

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I've now managed to create a moving vehicle using the reciprocating cannon principle:

Not very practical - slow and unreliable. It needs a push to start too, hence the two rear-facing steam cannon. They can be turned off once it is moving.


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Nice idea! not very powerful but that is a bit like a real engine and it looks steampunk too!

8 outta 10 cuz still needs some work done, but nice one indeed!
New version - self-propelled beam engine! :)

Self-starting. Needs more work, as it is prone to shake itself to bits - it is difficult to get a steady motion.