RC's Project [skinpack request]

NOTE: i have found someone to do this

Recently i have been working on a project which i have kept in the dark for a while and this is not a tank like my usual works. And I have found the usual people i fall back to for custom skins absent as of now. As or what i need help with is a space ship one from a very recently released movie known as STAR TREK i have managed to build an in-game replica of the new USS Enterprise!

Alpha version:

Beta version:

All the ship needs is a new skin pack (or two) to make it look more like the enterprise anyone skilled enough will be named a co-creator ect.

what is needed; 2 packs

pack 1
- custom 2x1 armor plate model
- custom core block model
- invisible brace model
- blue fireball/boulder + flame trail
pack 2
* all these silver or grey/white
- brace
- ballast
- Fan
- balloon
- hinge (both sides
- Steering block
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