Random Girl From Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue


She's a random girl from Disney's CG movie --- Planes: Fire & Rescue
Make: Piper PA-44 Seminole
Inspired by Shadé's Dusty

Warning: needs multiple skin packs
accelerating will destroy the props if any lag happens
Updated looking (2017/3/21)

Looks gorgeous
Flies smoothly
Able to do some stunts
Retractable landing gears
Block count 179

  • Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
  • Q, E --- yaw
  • Z, X --- ac/decelerate
  • L-ctrl --- toggle engine
  • C, V --- landing gears
  • F, G --- cameras

  • L-alt, R-ctrl --- alternative yaw
  • O --- flaperon and elevator pitch up
  • R,Y --- differential thrust turning

Development and New Building Tricks
To bring this girl to life, I built a realistic Pa-44 as a warm up. That machine proved that it is possible to create smooth and aerodynamic looking with wooden panels, which I've never tried such before.

After I started the random girl project, the first difficulty I encountered is the weight problem, it's tail heavy. I had to find a solution. The 6-block RTC for yaw control:
Animation 8.gif
Animation 33.gif

It's scale-able, reliable, using less blocks and brace-free.
Then it's the block count problem. I cut it down from 210 to 190, but that's not enough.
I realized that the engine could be smaller by using the 6-block RTC's trick of placing things inside a hinge.
This time is the ball joint, placing it backward can help strengthening the engine's tip without bracing anything:
Animation 8 (3).gif

Without the ball joint the props just explode, some even sticks into her body. XD

And here's the version time lapse:


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