Question regarding steam features and other essentials

So while this not a fully essential feature, I sorta need a confirmation on some of this unused steam features
I'm sure may people from this forum, /r/besiege, Steam would be interested to know about some of this
  1. Any plan on creating steam trading card or creating a competition for it
  2. Will There be any purchasable/free DLC after this game reaches V1.0
  3. Do any of the devs has Plan on creating in game mod support trough steam workshop
  4. When will you give credits or relieve the people who worked on besiege/ spiderling games


Staff member
1. I don't know of any firm plans on this yet, but we have discussed it
2. This is unclear at the moment, but there might be
3. This is a bit more complicated than it seems on the surface, I'm not sure if it will happen or not
4. I don't think this has even been discussed but I'll bring it up at some point! :)