Question about building beyond the standard blocks.

So I have spent over 700 hours in besiege building various things and getting pretty good at it. The thing is that the creations I build are either entirely made of unchanged blocks or things with blocks modified in a simple way like the way like using a resiser mod on wheels and frame pieces to shape them slightly or using a rotator mod to have pieces at angles but this isn't much compared to a lot of the stuff you see on the besiege workshop. My question is how do you guys go about making the items with pieces that have been heavily modified? It is something i have tried but have ran into issues such as not being able to put wheels on blocks shortened or thinned beyond a certain point.
Well ITR's coolider displayer mod could help with building as it shows the attatchment points.
and if this doesnt work then just keep moving the block with building tools.
And when it comes to excessive scaling, some blocks dont scale properly like the plow and the spike and other blocks can attach to everything surrounding it (sticky attachments) (ballast, starting block, brace, scalingblock and few others).

Braces tend to stick to every attachment inside them and can be very helpfull, also if you scale them properly you can make shapes like triangles, offset squares or bars wich will stick to every block that the colide with.
Now its just moving everything in a good place and make sure its attached.

Probably the biggest issue here is patience cause you have to pay close attention to each block.
Hope this helps you a little :)