Quantum Engine has been publicized. We in a way don`t want that bug fixed now.

Here X极限战士X publicized the quantum technology.
The internal stress make the wheel rotates quickly

You got a throttle with leaner control!

This is the basic structure of the engine, a steering hinge and a brace. Simple and easy to build.

When applied to cars, you can control its speed smoothly.

In rugged roads, you can slow down.

This is based on that bug. At first we dislike the bug. But now we found quantum mechanic interesting. We hope the bug exists.

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The newly invented technology has ​become a hit in China.
Another gif

The prototype

An aero-engine. The wheels offers the basic 4.0 wheel power, the quantum effect adds to the total engine power.
Quantum engine doesn't mean only steering hinge can work. The actived wheel can contribute to the output power while the quantum part working. You can think that two engines work together.

Basic structure

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The names of reserchers that participate in the engine.
X极限战士X EOS3565 疯狂的斯大林 Antenna_SSE 加班王子 hypocrite_日常 and me

I uploaded some bsg files.
This is the basic structure. We can make single-core, double-core and triple-core engine.


Applied to cars, I built a simple car with differential steering. Press up and down to control the speed of going forward or backward. Press left and right to turn.


Simple aero-engine


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Maybe both. At first I found the annoying bug long time ago and thought lowly of it. Then, someone invented a quantum weapon, which had really shocked me. Recently quantum rudder comes out. As we noticed the importance of the bug, we did some simple research and got this engine.
You also improved it as i see in the pictures, so good job.
Yours is simpler and seems to be sturdier.

Oh, an hint: The more the structure is sturdy, the faster and more powerful the engine can be.