Quad Prop Heli

Mwahaha! I am back!

Since Paradox engine does not work anymore (RIP Swastika heli), I made new heli (Not a swastika this time).

It has "VTOL" thingy, but the small wing pieces don't have enought lift to keep it up long.

--- QuadRopter --


- 2 Powered gears keeping the thing going (could be wheels).
- 4 Pods with counter rotating propeller blades on top and bottom.
- VTOL? Functionality


Left Shift + Right Shift (Inverted flight = Left Ctrl + Right Ctrl) to start both side engines (You can shut one down to descend)
I to lean forward
K to lean back
O to yaw right
U to yaw left
L to roll right
J to roll left
Up + Down keys to go forward/backward
Left + Right Keys to control pod rotation

--- Download ---


--- Screenshots ---

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Lol, long time no see.