Quad Copter V 5.2 (Final)


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I've tried pretty much every conceivable way of propelling my quad (and other) copters. None were stable enough though. Including this design.

Or so I thought... Now that you can actually flip the prop's this design can finally work! As now the torque problem is solved.
I had just never thought if digging through my 150 bsg files to check which one didn't work back then but do now.

So thanks to... who ever made and posted something similar to this for reminding me of my QuadCopter. If you hadn't this would have stayed in the trash :D

Tilt forward and backwards with T and G. Tilt left and right with F and H. Rotate Left and Right with R and Y.
Create more or less lift with Up and Down arrow.
Release bombs with B.

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