PZkpfw V panther [Medium Tank]

This is my most requested tank to make next to the Maus and t34. that being said i have given this tank the justice it deserves. with and extreme amount of detail and realism. The panther was the German Reaction to the Russian t34 when the Panzer IV was deemed unable to compete with them. There were two competitors for the design the vk30.02 D and vk30.02 M. the vk30.02 D was unable to start up on testing trial due to engine problems and therefor the vk30.02 m was set as the panther with some armor to be added. the hull was 80mm's on the front 50 on the side and 20 on the rear. The turret was 102 on the mantlet 75 every where else. This was of the first German tank designs to incorporate armor angling and weight 44.2 tonnes. the tank was equipped with a 75mm kwk42 l70 gun and two co-axial machine the main gun was over kill for the tanks it faced but was bigger to improve crew spirits. there were and incredible 14 roads wheels per assembly making the tracks easily locked with frozen mud, unreliable and a pain to repair. with the history lesson aside now In besiege i had no room to implement cyclic controls sadly :( (due to it being based on an older suspension model of mine). the new track model makes this tank look beautiful, and the tank runs greatly itself. there are multiple cameras for drivers commander and turret back. the tank is very accurately modeled with almost every single detail. this is my first tank to also incorporate a coaxial machine gun thanks to the new crossbow block, and of course the gun recoils with my signature gun breach. Requested by - [Multiple people whose names i cant say off the top of my head]

panther front.jpg
panther left side.jpg
panther right side.jpg
panther smoke.jpg
panther suspension.jpg
panther top.jpg
panther turret back.jpg


Download .bsg here :
Steam link here: http: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098406314/myworkshopfiles/?appid=346010


R/F = left track
Y/H = right track
T = unpin


Arrow keys Left & Right = turret traverse
Arrow key Up &Down = Gun traverse
Right alt = Fire main gun
Insert = Fire coaxial MG 42.

Right alt = ammo rack detonation

*cameras = 1,2,3,4