Poultryizer Block Mod [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD BlockLoader][ID: 200]

The Pultryizer [ID: 200]:
Hold Y to polymorph target.
It has a slider determining the range, from 1 to 30.0.
And a radius slider that is linked to the range.
Toggle mode is available too.

Installation of Block Mods:
0. Delete any previous dll of the block.
1. Install spaar's modloader.
2. Put block zip archive in your Mods directory under your Besiege installation.
3. Right click the zip archive and click "Extract Here". (This options comes with WinRAR)
Another way is to copy all the contents of the zip archive and put it in the Besiege\Besiege_Data\Mods folder for PC.
4. If you should get a prompt to merge folders, accept it and overwrite any duplicates.

Copyright Disclaimer:
The inspiration and basis for this mod is the Poultryizer from Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft which is © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The sounds used for the Poultryizer furthermore reflects the sounds used within Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. This is done as a tribute to fun mechanics in games and to do a crossover between two so different games.

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Shade said:
lmao, that video was awesome!
did the polymorphed knights counted as kills?
You have to kill the chickens, if I remember correctly
no it wasn't if it didn't work. I'm going to go ahead and guess you did not install the newest version of the BlockLoader as you should and thus the Poultryizer can't be loaded.