post your ghost-killing strategies!


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so, if you don't know, there are ghosts in the sandbox, which have much more health than a normal soldier, and do a ton of knockback and damage, meaning they are pretty hard to kill, so how about people post their mechanisms and machines that can deal with them?
I suppose I should put some, since I am starting the thread, so here goes:
1. fire is probably the most obvious and effective one, if you can keep yourself from being burned.
2. projectiles (cannon, ballastgun, etc) are usually a 1-shot kill, but ballastguns are usually easier to kill with, because the projectile is faster and bigger.
3. crossbows. you might think this would be under projectiles, but it's pretty different in a few ways.
crossbows aren't really a 1-shot kill, but they keep ghosts at a distance very well.
feel free to post designs, machines or ideas for killing the sandbox ghosts here, i'm interested to see what you come up with


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i never find one myself so idk where the ghost is, but can't we just kill them with carpet bombing?
they aren't very effected by bombs (I used a rocket with like 10 explosion value on one, the FALL DAMAGE from it being launched in the air, not the explosion..
as for finding them, here are their coordinates:
Ghost #1 : X=640.6488 Y=0.9002275 Z=454.6144
Ghost #2: X=379.1794 Y=36.17023 Z=-186.4591

for anyone who doesn't use exact coordinates (read: literally anyone who plays vanilla), I have pictures of their locations:
Ghost #1:

Ghost #2:


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Ghost number 2 doesn't move, but they both hit crazy hard.
yeah, I'm pretty sure it's stuck, since when I moved it away, it was moving.
I also learned that they only attack you if you have breakable parts on your machine, I use a drone to experiment with them, and after I removed a wooden gyro, they just stand near me, gesturing with their halberds menacingly.
also, interestingly if you kill a ghost with fire, it changes color, check it out:

this is the same ghost (the one that can move).