Post your build I`ll review it! (Update: Episode 4 Added!)

Hey, i have this machine wich can do all levels (even the 15!) excepte the Markman's Pass in the rules (no pyro, ni invicibility). Hope you'll like it ^^

Use the arrow keys to move, and the numpad for the catapult [1 and 2] and the grabber [3 and 6 and - and + to turn]


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Would you try my Death Zeppelin?

i - Up
k - Down
h - jump (when you're stuck on the ground)
arrow keys to move
u/j - Incendiary grenades
o/l - bombs
p - release saw blades
m - release "fire segways"
C - front canons
V - rear canons

Have fun !

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Death Zeppelin v2.bsg