[POLL] Do you want Zone 26 (Odd Contraption) removed?

Do you want it to go?

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This has to be the most useless level ever :/

It poses no challenge, and basically just takes up space. There are a few levels like this throughout the game but none of them are as useless as this level is.

I'm just trying to give some criticism here, this level sucks, I hate to say it because Besiege is a great game but I just have to. It's repetitive and boring and I don't see why it should be in the game.


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i found it quite harder than the usual blow everything stuff, which is actually a nice challenge.
It is but there are plenty of other levels like that and plenty of other ways to do it? Right?

I mean I agree with you, I don't want every level to just be "kill everything" but there has to be a better way to design this level. They could at least make it do more stuff, like how the random thing you turn in Valfross makes a coffin come out of the ground. The coffin thing adds to the story line and is also really interesting, what does the spinny wheel thing do, spin, that's it.

Another criticism I have is that it is so late in the game. If they put this on Ipisilon, on one of the first levels, I would understand, but in the middle of the second isle doesn't make much sense.
The fun of besiege should come from the community and sharing your stuff, not the levels only, and i think these levels are neccessary to introduce new players to the mechanics of besiege. The campaign doesn't need to be anything special, and even then adding more should be the top priority! :)
It ain't that bad, I find it a kind of break from trying to destroy everything, its one of those levels that's a little goofy and weird: it spices things up.


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level 26 is a great flat level, even barren expanse has mountains in the way (although the level is small compared to barren expanse)
it's also a really low-lag level too.