Pneumatic Crossbow

Since Pneumatic is something propelled by Gas or Air, I don't know if this actually qualifies on a technical standpoint. Nevertheless, I quite like this little guy, simple, somewhat crude, but highly effective.

Link to video demonstration:

Use 1 to pullback and draw tension in springs
Use 2 to decouple and tighten springs to gain momentum
Use 3 to release bomb from grabber (easier to tell the best time to release %60 timespeed or below)

Standard movement controls: up, and down, for forward and back. Left, and right, for left and right.

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ChokoKing said:
That's actually quite well made!
and also looks like it works really well.

Most of the time haha, sometimes the bomb makes the grabber top heavy so it bumps into the "railing" as its being projected, so it results in a humorously ironic explosion on ones self.