Please, please! FIX THIS BS

This may not be a bug, but I'm reporting it here because it probably wont even be noticed in the ''suggestions'' and this needs to be fixed and appear in the next update

This problem is so annoying and stupid, this way I have lost my machines ALLOT of times, and hoped that my friends had copied my machine.

So heres the problem

After finishing building my machine, I obviously save it, and then delete it, so I can build a new machine, but heres the issue that really PISSES ME OFF, when I delete the machine to start building again, it doesn't delete the machines NAME it keeps IT so what ends up happening is that I overwrite the wrong machine by accident because I usually don't really think about saving and just do it when stuff works out.


Staff member
I've spoken to the devs about this and we agree that it is an annoying issue to encounter.
It's been added to the to-do list.