Place Blocks On Grabbers Mod [Spaar`s Modloader]

Jeez, the modders are getting so quick at making new mods
I bet in like a month, someone requests a mod and 2 minutes later either ITR or TesseractCat (or both) made the requested mod :p


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Vacation is nearing it's end though...
Prevenge said:
Nice work...I think this would have been better as an addition to No Intersection mod ....IMO anyways. keep it up !
That's how I use it. Bombs, fireballs or boulders won't attach anyways without No intersections.
God, finally! Thx so much, TesseractCat! Now I can finally do EVERYTHING I wanted to do as a noob, but didn't know that I could circle around the grabber!
the devs don't need to do anything anymore,
the people have taken over
No, it works now due to some XML file, yet now besiege won't place anything on the grabbing end if you know what I mean. Well I can, but only if I outrun the game by placing a block before it can say I can't. This doesn't count for circular saws somehow. (new version)