Pink Screen at the launching!

When i launch The game i have a pink screen i can just see the Title and the options so I can't play I have Bought this game for nothing :mad: :(
Did you take a look at the known issues?

Bug: Everything is Purple Boxes!
Desc: The game is full of purple and white boxes, there are no textures or models.
[COLOR=0aad00]Fix: This is usualy caused by failure to extract the .rar properly. Many people have solved this by runing winrar(or other zip program) in admin mode, while extracting. Be sure not to close the program before its finished and that you extract all the contents of the .rar[/COLOR]
If that doesn't help, try updating your graphics drivers. People will also be able to help you better if you give us the information from the bug report template, especially the output_log.txt file.


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What graphics card are you using?
Also have you tried disabling graphics options such as SSAO in the config file?
If you bought it on Steam, the output log is most likely in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiega_Data" or a very similar path.
You're saying that you found the common folder but there is no Besiege folder in there? That's weird, are your other games there? Or did you perhaps create another Steam Library at a different location at some point?
I have found it in the documents i have open Besiege_Data then i have also open output_log now what do I ?

I have open output_log and i can see that : WARNING: Shader Unsupported and The shader Hidden/EdgeDetect (UnityEngine.Shader) on effect Main Camera (EdgeDetectEffectNormals) is not supported on this platform!
Many (if not all?) people have some 'Shader Unsupported' messages, so it might not be a problem. Ideally, you create a new post in this thread using the reply box down below and then attach the output_log.txt file. You can do that by clicking on the clipboard above the text board and then on the upload attachment button