Pilot Panel Block Mod (with HUD)[Spaar`s ModLoader][ID: 505][V0.42B]

Mainly made by bo我是天才od
Improved from ITR 's meter mod

  • This block allows you to :
  • Have an Aim Assist on bombing ground ( It will be a red light and only shows on the ground so you can only have a high precision on bombing ground target, but not those statues. )
  • Have an Advanced Aim Assist on bombing ground ( It will be a wide yellow/red line, which is pretty easy to see)
  • check your craft's speed,
  • check your craft's acceleration (click the speed)
  • check your aircraft's height
  • check your aircraft's climb rate(click the attitude)
  • check your craft's overload,
  • check angles of pitch, yaw and roll
  • record time (you can use it as a stopwatch when you click the time panel once to start and twice to stop)
  • Have a customizable HUD --- You can edit those HUD pictures that are under Blocks/Resources/HUD
The data are all depended on the block, so keep this panel block on your craft!

Example of Target Indicator [HR][/HR]

The red point is on the tower, bomb it!

Throw it!

High Precision Hit!

Advanced Target Indicator:

Examples of Panel [HR][/HR]


Code: https://github.com/wangw571/Besiege-...anel-block-Mod


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