Phantom Aerospace [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD`s ModLoader][Venhip Physics][ID: 370-399]

Do you know when you will release the next update?
I love this mod so much and I really think it has the potential to be absolutely amazing.
This is one of my favorite mods and I just want to know a rough figure of how much longer it will take to get another update ;)
I've been working on this mod the last few weeks and I've been making progress on the next blocks. The ailerons are giving me trouble though but I should be able to finish by Wednesday.
thanks for making this mod!
found a few bugs:
if on a 3x3x3 block base and placed in the center of all the sides, they fall off
if placed sideways on another one, it falls off
thanks man!


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Did you make sure the mod works in Besiege 0.2?
I'm using it in 0.11, thought it was made for that version. Also yes I did install de physics dll

If the version currently available is for 0.2 then could you let me have the one made for 0.11?


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DzoniXD1 said:
Man i need some help none of your mods are working i tried the more blocks mod and this mod but they aren't loading :(
Probably because it hasn't been updated to support v 0.2
displayter, Phantom gave up modding. he isnt coming back, im sorry

i wanted him to continue as well, but he just couldnt provide the work required to make progress, again, im sorry
stuChris yes...
i haven't heard from him ever since.....
i think i will be a modder....
and finish what he started.......
i might become Phantom329 2.0 if i learn modding....
but you and MaxTCC can work together in taking this mod from the graveyard?

and I'm still amazed at how nobody ever tried to update the laser mod yet
Hello Besiegers, I have returned from umm... well, nothing I just got bored for a bit. I'll be starting work on this mod again now that I can use some of the new features of the game that I have been waiting for. It may take a bit for there to be some new content but I will try to update what I had originally asap.
Great to hear! I loved all your contributions to the custom blocks, really allowed us to add extra character to the machines! Cant wait for the updates my friend