Phantom Aerospace [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD`s ModLoader][Venhip Physics][ID: 370-399]

Tired of those boring old vanilla wings? Its time to upgrade to the age of aerospace! This mod features many sizes of wings, tail pieces and other flight necessities. Your plane, helicopter, or abomination will look ten time better with these awesome additions.

How to install: install Spaar's Mod Loader, install TGYD BlockLoader, extract into your mods folder and merge the Blocks folder.
You will have two .dll files. One is this mod, the other calculates the physics. Both are necessary.

  • Wing 3x3 [372]
  • Wing 1x2
  • Wing 2x2
  • Wing 5x3
  • Aileron 1x2
  • Aileron 2x2
  • Aileron 3x3
  • Aileron 3x5
  • Small Flap
  • Large Flap
  • Small Tail
  • Medium Tail
  • Large Tail
  • Misc. helicopter parts
  • Misc. rocket parts

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  • v0.1 9/16/15 - Initial release
  • v0.11 9/16/15 - Changed Wing 3x3 ID from 300 to 372 (saved machines will break)
To do:
  • Add more blocks
  • Tweak the physics
  • Finalize current textures
  • Fix the colliders
Special thanks to Venhip for working with me to implement the physics.

*BONUS* Airstrip.lvl (in the screenshots) download below Level Maker Mod

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Woah, awesome. Building aircraft will become too easy now I guess.
Does the current wings only generate lift or also have flaps that player can control?
Please consider a new ID as this overwrites a reserved ID, always check the list of IDs being used and in development on the BlockLoader page before releasing a block mod.
make it so only certain blockmods can use like ids 400-500 as private ones but all other ones are public like where if the mod has a special hidden line of code then it will allow the private ids but if no secret special code exists then any blocks from that mod cant use the private ids


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Shoe_Eater why?
How would that change anything at all, or even be useful in the slightest?
Could you try and add little propellers that are 1 high, 1 thick and 3 wide and move on their one like wheels do?
Something like this:
I know I could just use spinningblocks and small propellers, but the 1.5 block width is sometimes a bit unpractical. Also, it would look better.

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Since I'm building a physics library along side the requirements Phantom gives me, could you give me a little information on what you mean? (The picture is broken, too.)
Thanks :)