PC or Console

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  1. Shoe_Eater

    Shoe_Eater Member

    PC or Console
  2. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    PC 4 mods

    console 4 controller
  3. Shoe_Eater

    Shoe_Eater Member

    pc does allow a console controller doe
  4. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member


    this is why i still play tf2...
  5. chris219219

    chris219219 New Member

    PC, unless you're poor and need to game on something that's reasonable (what can you get for $200 new? Nothing that can play anything other than Minecraft).
  6. PC s performance, modularity, and total control of your system, free range of any game, communities, and ability to multi - task + record

    console = closed ecosystems, not much free range, exclusives, pay for internet + online subscription
  7. chris219219

    chris219219 New Member

    I like that explanation, but for people who are bad with money management and just need something to play on without costing much and using their already-bought TV, consoles are maybe the way to go. I am personally a PC gamer tho, IDK what the selling point is for consoles other than cheap upfront cost.
  8. boombox313

    boombox313 New Member

    PC is better in my opinion, because it is more customizable...

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