Part Placement

Good day, everyone.

I'm trying to figure out the control for placing direction sensitive parts on my projects, and this is a thing that's slowing me down.

For example: I am trying to place a "Hinge" horizontal of a simple block. The "Hinge" will only allow itself to move up and down, but I need it to move left and right. It is apparent to me that the [F] key does not change the way my "Hinge" is situated.

I know it can be done, because I saw it done on Youtube, but haven't gotten a response on how they've done it.

Could anyone please help?


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You don't need to "flip" (F) the hinge, but rotate it using "R". That's what you usually want to use anyway, use flip for wheels, cogs and things like that.

Edit: Ah, looks like you got it before I got to post :)