Pacific Rim V-50 Jumphawk - Twin-Rotor Jaeger Carrier


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I designed the helicopters used to transport Drako's Jaeger. The V-50 Jumphawk is a VTOL twin rotor aircraft used in Jaeger deployment. Jumphawks work in groups, travel long distances and safely drop individual Jaegers into battles.

You will need 150-180 real world Chinook helicopters with lots of rigging to carry a Jaeger.
Del Toro managed to carry Gipsy Danger, a 1.980 tons with eight fictional aircraft called V-50 Jumphawks with steel cables.
I managed to carry Drako's Gipsy Danger with only two Jumphawks with simple ropes in Besiege.

Huge thanks to the Besiege community for helping me realizing a tandem helicopters.
Flying Flapjack
The Red Glow
You guys rocks!

Solo Version Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Turn: R/Y
Forward Engine: Z
Ascend: X
Descend: C
Open/Close Door: N & M

Paired Version Controls --
Pitch: Num 8/Num 5
Turn: Num 4/Num 5
Forward Engine: Z
Ascend: X
Descend: C
Raise/Lower Rope: N & M (default)
Detach: B

Get the Paired Version for lifting Gipsy Danger as shown in video.

Download Solo Version
Download Paired Versio

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