P-11 Series

This WW2-style Navy Fighter Aircraft is a original design by me. I imagine it to have a smaller twin-star motor, a pressurized cockpit and actual weapons.
It flies pretty nicely, Pitch may feel a bit weak though. It also may feel a bit slow even though it's top speed is above 620 km/h. With 159 blocks it is indeed Multiverse friendly.

P-11dz "Doppelzwilling"
This is an fictional experimental version of the P-11a. It is faster than the P-11a/b and can carry more payload but is also less agile and the pilot's vision is quite a bit worse.
It is therefor an easy target for enemy fighters. Also, this is one of many experimental versions but only one of few to actually be published.

I Hadn't planned to upload this version of the P-11, but it's good performance and unique look changed my mind.
The P-11c's goals were a higher top speed, more torque and therefor bigger maximum payload. It succeeded in these categorys with the price of loss in agility and good vision of the pilot while starting.

P-11c Collage.png