P-1 Avator

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    So, this is my fictional plane called the P-1 Avator. Note that the name doesn't have any meaning.
    I wanted to build a canard-plane thingy with the pitch flaps in the front so I did.
    It handles nicely, is agile enough and it's pretty fast. It also has a blockcount of 210 and a weight of 92.5 it won't really lag even if you fly very fast.

    Steam Download:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861717960

    Besiege_02_11_2017_04_22_32.png Besiege_02_11_2017_04_22_03.png Besiege_02_11_2017_04_21_16.png Besiege_02_11_2017_04_20_28.png
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