open walker project

hi guys.. i think i need some help here from other walker builders..
im working on this 2 legged walker that should end up as a runner..
BUT.... this wooden computer wont coorp with mods..
i want it to gain higher speed but then he starts jumping on 1 leg and then do a faceplant.
i think moving swivels on big wheels closer to middle would do most of it..
that and some weight modding on the legs.
the counter rotating wheels on his belly is for making him lean forward when walking. adjust with speed increase..
controls : arrowkeys
sprint: right shift

so far no mods or bsg altering used.

Sorry if this is considered necroposting. I just couldn't post before for some reason.

I don't have a lot of time to spend right now, but if the problem is with jumping and unbalancing the solution is not weighting the legs down. It's finding the right frequency.

The leg "rhythm" must match the weight of the machine and the length of the legs themselves. That means that when the "foot" connects the driving wheel should be at its furthest position forward or backwards, ie at 3 or 9 o'clock, depending on what way it rotates to power your leg.

If it's below 3/9, it's going to lack power and not push of optimally, most likely resulting in a swaying motion with no actual stepping.

If it's above 3/9, the result will most likely be a "kick" that unbalances the machine and bounces it into the air, possibly making it jump on one leg depending on the frequency of the leg.

This means that there are optimal frequency speeds. If you want to increase speed you need to do it in intervals to avoid the speeds where the frequency puts the foot down above or below 3/9 o'clock.
Does this make sense?

I can upload some videos to show this stuff in more detail.
I recently managed to create a functional, no-mod 2 legged walker. It isn't humanoid and uses some until-now unknown glitches to create variable speed controls and construction methods, but it does work and might help you with your project?


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