OK-62 -Armageddon has finally arrived!

Introducing the third installment in this series of death and destruction! The OK-63 has arrived!

It now fits inside the bounding box so now you can blow the crap out of everything... Legally! (hooray! the police will finally leave me alone for killing all those peasants!)
Download now and rain hell upon your enemies! (A.k.a: Everyone)

-Automatic hover technology (will hover on its own)
-63 freaking bombs!
-Can complete all levels (Avoid archers!)

-Up & Down controls forward and backward tilt
-Left & Right turn side to side
-Q & E controls side to side tilt
-R to go forwards F to reverse (for minute changes)\
-All non-numpad numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 and -,+,Backspace drop main bombs, C and V drop the rest

Enjoy, now go forth and destroy everything in sight!

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