NSK Swordlauncher (tight barrel ballista)

Here's a ballista with 1 block diameter barrel that throws a sword (yeah !)

i/k - Tilt
L - Shoot
Arrow keys - move

I used the "WIng panel 1/4 block spacing trick" to achevied this dimension, thanks to XerxesBlue ;-)

You can't use every block as piston or projectile (grinding issue)

The swivel joint , wooden pole and blade/spike are perfect

Howerever, if someone has an idea to make it reloadable... I'm still looking for a convenient and stylish way

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NSK Swordlauncher.bsg
Damn !!

I was thinking of posting something like this in the suggestion forum, the ability to stick a spike into wood for example

It seems like you didn't need any update to achieve this ;-)

I've shot so many times whith that machine, never seen anything like that