NSK Slingshot v2 (1+6 bombs)

Based on Haladin's Mini slingshot

I made a first attempt but the reloading system was not efficient (I had some issues with sticky steerings)

What I wanted:
- Legal machine (fits in the box)
- As powerful as possible
- Convenient reloading

The firing system is a bit tricky at normal speed, you have to press "L" then "M" quickly. You'll need a couple tries

How it works:

- Move where you want > Arrow keys
- Tilt to the correct angle > I / K
- Fire > L then M (quickly !)
- Tilt to the vertical position (there's a stop)
- Press L to release the springs , the grabber falls back to it's initial state
- Chose the bomb you want to reload R/T F/G V/B Y/U H/J or N/, (the following picture will make sens)
- The first key places the bomb above the grabber, the second releases the bomb AND sends the loader back

You're ready for another shot !

QWERTY keyboards may need a remapping

I used Multimod for some placements

Attached Files
NSK Slingshot v2.bsg