Now that multi-key mapping is an official part of the game...

Why not make it so you can map one key to make the flying spiral go forward, and another key to make it reverse? This would open up a lot of new possibilities, especially for vanilla creations...


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This is a must I guess. Cannon explode was a supercool thing. So game neds less-no need to modding..

I support this idea. thanks for it.
I will pass this along to the developers but tbh this isn't how the spirals would work if reversed ^^'
Thanks, Von! Now that I think about it, you're right that it would have to be programmed differently. Also, I've realized that if they do give us forward and backward controls on the flying spiral, it will still be helpful to have a "reverse" option, or a way to flip the flying spiral the way you can flip the direction of the wheels. This would affect which direction is the default when both forward and backward buttons are pressed, which is important for machines that use two flying spirals to move as well as steer.

Again, thanks for telling the developers about this idea, Von! :)