No Intersection Mod [Spaar`s Modloader]

Allows you to place blocks inside of other blocks. Basically disables the annoying intersect warning. It's a sort of "Noclip" for blocks.


1. Install spaar's modloader. BETA
2. Drag the attached DLL into your mods folder.

0.1 - Initial release
0.2 - Added toggleable option in the setting menu called "Noclip" which toggles noclip on and off.
0.3 - Updated to the new modloader
0.4 - Removed support for the old modloader and fixed a bug where it wouldn't work in v0.11


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Man , yer on a roll. And here I was getting so good at the fps placement glitch. Still have to fight with the magical ether forces from things clipping into each other but this makes building so much easier.


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Nice, this will be really useful. Especially for the water-mod, since a heightened build limit only allows you to move your machine higher.


i like the idea but if somebody like me has some real pain with downloading mods i will fps placement glich


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displayter said:
i like the idea but if somebody like me has some real pain with downloading mods i will fps placement glich
What's hard about it? Like, what errors do you get?
So I said to myself, now I've been playing this game for 300+ hours and maybe it's time to get some mods, this being one of them.
And this is great, I just want to request a feature if possible, I want to be able to toggle the effect. Switching between "clip" and "no clip".

That would be helpful for complex builds where you want to know if something intersects to a point where the game notices or not.


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Check the console (ctrl+k) to see if the mod was loaded


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Hendeson said:
Does it work on V0.10? my game seems to not using this mod....
Can you start the game with the mods installed, then quit it, then share "output_log.txt"?
I've been having fps problems with this mod. I have determined that it is in fact this mod that is causing it. It only happens with large creations and the interesting thing is it also effects your fps when not in the simulation. Please fix this problem because this mod is very useful.

Hi, I also can't get this mod to work, it is installed but when I go to the options in Build Mode nothing appears, I have attached the "output_log.txt". Can you show me what I need to do? Thanks :)

(I had to modify the output_log as it was too large to upload, it kept repeating:

HandleD3DDeviceLost: still lost
Skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)

(Filename: Line: 1617)

So a few of those are missing.
ok mine seemed to have something to do with upgrading to windows 10, i had to delete the mod loader (yes it was the most recent one) and reinstall it into the folder. just a heads up incase anyone runs into this issue